Rotor Maxx Support Limited is a company who specializes in the overhaul of Sikorsky S61/H-3 drive train components and General Electric CT58/T58 Engines. We realize that business is earned by providing customers with exemplary service of the highest quality, on time and within budget.  To this end, we stand alone as a truly, independent and wholly owned service center who can supply immediate, qualified and undivided assistance to our customers, through either our main facility in Parksville, BC, Canada or in the field, virtually anywhere in the world our customers choose to operate.

    With decades of first hand experience in the maintenance and overhaul of S61/H-3 Dynamic Components and General Electric CT58/T58 Engines, our technicians are able to maximize the safety, reliability and ultimately the useful life of every component/engine our customers operate. We understand that helicopters operate in a myriad of mission profiles and atmospheric environments and so we tailor the component repairs or overhauls accordingly. In addition to the standard maintenance practices, we ensure that any pre-emptive or preventive maintenance actions performed on customer assets are done so with their prior approval and with the approval of either or both the manufacturer or the appropriate Civil Aviation Authority.

    Eliminating down time; increasing safety and reliability; reaching full time between overhauls; keeping maintenance costs within budget; these are the goals we set to achieve for our customers. Rotor Maxx knows that customers have choices and the more discerning customers expect the best. Rotor Maxx is pleased to provide the best.


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